Burgers and more

Street Burger

100% beef, cheddar cheese, grilled onion, Mixtura sauce, and fries
Street Burger ┬Ě Carne de ternera 100 %, queso cheddar, cebolla braseada, salsa Mixtura y patatas fritas



Mexican Burger

100% beef (200 g), cheddar cheese, guacamole sauce, pico de gallo, jalape├▒o peppers, and fries
200 g de carne de ternera 100 %, queso cheddar, salsa guacamole, pico de gallo, jalape├▒os y patatas fritas



Texas Burger

100% beef (200 g), cheddar cheese, bacon, crispy onion, bean sauce, and fries
200 g de carne de ternera 100 %, queso cheddar, beicon, crujiente de cebolla, salsa beans y patatas fritas



Chicken Crunchy Burger

Crunchy chicken, edam cheese, onion, mild jalape├▒o tartar sauce, and fries
Pollo crujiente, queso edam, cebolla, salsa tártara suave de jalapeños y patatas fritas


California Club Sandwich

Inspired by the famous club sandwich, with pulled chicken
Inspirado en el famoso club sandwich, con pulled chicken


Mixtura Burrito

Amazing Mixture-style burrito (made with love): mixed meat, cheese, tomato and grilled vegetables
Espectacular burrito estilo Mixtura (hecho con amor): mix de carnes, queso, tomate y verduras braseadas


Vegetable Burrito

Stuffed burrito with cabbage and carrot, served with pico de gallo
Burrito Vegetal (vegano) ┬Ě Relleno de col y zanahoria, acompa├▒ado con pico de gallo


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If you have any food intolerance or allergies, we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Due to the characteristics of our kitchen, all our dishes could be exposed to cross-contamination.

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